Why board at Kittyland Resort?
Reasons for boarding are many...Planning a vacation? Renovating your home? Having an "open house"? Termite tenting? Even having a party are among the reasons clients board their cats with us. The staff at Kittyland Resort care for your special feline family members as they would their own.
Will my cat be housed with an unfamiliar cat?

No, we house cats individually or in "family" groups. Playtime is also on an individual basis.

What vaccines do you require?

We require our guests to have the FVRCP vaccine or the equivalent titer test. (we do not except doctor notes excluding cats from this vaccination) 

What activities do you offer? Is there an extra charge?

All our activities are included in our boarding fees. We offer TV time condos. Laser mouse play, catnip bubbles or quiet time on a staff member's lap are all a part of what we offer our guests.

My cat needs medication; can you administer them?

Yes, we will administer vet prescribed medication to your cat. We no longer board cats that are in need of insulin shots due to the stress of boarding.

Does Kittyland Resort mix cats from different families together in the play area?

No. Absolutely never.

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